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30 Nov

FOR YEARS NOW, I’ve been following quality blogs which contains quality posts and enriching contents that until now I consider a gem to the Philippine Blogosphere. These are blogs that somehow become influential on their own. I want to name a few but this post is not them. This special post for my very favorite blog that is now vying to win the most prestigious Philippine Blog Awards Blogger’s Choice 2011. And my favorite blog that deserves my one precious vote is no other than the PINOY TEENS.

PINOY TEENS has been in the Philippine Blogosphere since 2007. The author, Georg Kevin Paquet has always been very active, dedicated and passionate about blogging which he considers a craft.  For many years now, because of Kevin’s dedication, Pinoy Teens has received various awards and recognition from all across the globe. The biggest achievement perhaps of Pinoy Teens was when it was chosen to become the Youth Partner of the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 in Kuala Lumpur. Kevin was there representing proudly the voice of Filipino teens.

KEVIN and the Pinoy Teens supports a lot of social advocacy. It has become a media of change bridging important issues and concerns to its readers especially the young ones.

IN THAT NOTE, Pinoy Teens deserves to win Philippine Blog Awards Blogger’s Choice 2011. I vote for Pinoy Teens.



3 Nov

Kenny Ray Ravelo

KENNY JAY RAVELO is a kababayan who like me hails from my hometown Cateel, Davao Oriental. He is currently based in Davao City studying at the University of Mindanao taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Aside from school, Kenny Jay juggles his time between sports and modeling. He is an athlete who’s very good at Sepak Takraw. His passion for this sport earns him popularity and respect at school. As a model, Kenny Jay works with fashion designers and photographers for fashion shoots and the likes. With that, he deserves to be on the list OLANOLOGY’s portraiture. That is KENNY JAY RAVELO. Another personality to watch out from my hometwon CATEEL, DAVAO ORIENTAL. Continue reading