Hi there. My name name is OLAN. I grew up in the beautiful remote town of Cateel in the Province of Davao Oriental. A coastal town situated at the mouth of the mighty Pacific Ocean so blessed with beautiful places to see.

During my very youth, I learned lounging at the beach, hiking on hills and mountains, trekking the exotic Aliwagwag Falls – highest in the Philippines, wandering in the mossy forests, rowing some boats crossing the clean Cateel River, going to one barrios to another and a lot lot more.

For these reasons, my folks back in my town called me “ALIMPANAW”. A local term referring to a person who never stops at exploring places, going somewhere else and wandering around. Truly, I say I am. A wanderer, an explorer, an adventurer, a voyager, a traveler, an Alimpanaw.

Today, my journey continues. I have been to different places and seen so many amazing places. I have tasted so many different delicacies and witnessed variety of cultures. I have met so many beautiful people of different beautiful stories. I have encountered so many wonderful experiences worthy to cherish and reminisce. And all of them are so worth to share. Great stories that I need to tell.

So now… here I am beginning to record all these experiences and ready to shared to you my reader in this PHOTO JOURNAL of yours truly.




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